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Can You Protect Your Eyes with Prescription Safety Goggles?

If you are working in an environment that poses a risk to your vision, then you must make it a point to protect your eyes with a pair of prescription safety goggles. Did you know that each year many hundreds of thousands of eye injuries are reported at the workplace? There are different risks present that you need to protect your eyes against including irritation caused by metal shavings on construction sites. Even in an office, you are not safe as there is a risk of exposure to the computer screen.

Protect your eyes in dangerous environments

Those who work in very risky environments will know that there is a strong likelihood that they can damage their eyes permanently by chemicals and machines. The right safety eyewear will help to protect their eyes in such environments but all too often, workers fail to wear the right eyewear leaving themselves vulnerable to injuries.

Important item of PPE

It is important to understand just why prescription safety goggles are such an important item of PPE (personal protective equipment). Your vision is not only very important but you need to make sure that nothing happens to it at work and at play as well as even when performing a DIY project at home. You need to focus on your tasks and you also need to be aware of your surroundings. Only then can you perform your job satisfactorily.

Protect your eyes

You need to protect your eyes against dust and debris as well as sparks and light and heat. You also need to protect your eyes against chemicals and gases. There are many potential hazards that you need to think about. Whether it is radiation or light that can hurt your eyes or even if you require to protect your eyes against blue lights, the right kind of safety eyewear is the best defense.

Handling chemicals?

If you are working with chemicals, then you need to wear prescription safety goggles to not only correct your vision but also to protect your eyes against chemical splashes. You need to ensure that your goggles are appropriate for the kind of work you are doing and you also need to pick a pair that has the right lenses. Different lenses have different properties. If chemicals splash close to your eyes, you could suffer a serious eye injury. To protect your eyes, you need goggles that form a seal around your eyes.

Protection against projectiles

You also need to wear goggles to protect your eyes against projectiles. If you are working with wood or metal or glass, you need eye protection that keeps shrapnel away from your eyes. Also, if you are a healthcare worker, then you need to protect your eyes against bloodborne pathogens that could infect your eyes and cause serious issues like hepatitis or HIV. The right pair of safety goggles will protect your eyes against blood splashes that could otherwise do your eyes some serious harm.

When choosing your prescription safety goggles, you must make sure that the lenses do not fog up and obscure your vision. Fogging is not considered an eye hazard but it is a serious problem that you need to deal with properly. It can potentially cause you to act dangerously in certain settings. If you are a in a warehouse or a factory, then the conditions can cause the lenses to fog up and obscure your vision.
You should therefore choose goggles that have lenses that are designed to not fog up. You could for example choose a pair of lenses that have an anti-fog coating applied to them. Keep in mind that fogging happens not only because of the temperature but also because of humidity as well as temperature changes.

You should seriously consider using prescription safety goggles to protect your eyes while also being able to see clearly. The lenses should be your main priority.  Vision problems have become a growing problem throughout the world. To protect yourself, you need to choose your goggles very carefully. These days, you can buy a good pair at an online site like the one called GogglesCrafter.com. Here, you can pick and choose from a wide range of prescription goggles that are designed to fully protect your eyes. So, be sure to check this site as it not only sells quality eyewear but its prices are also much lower than what you would find elsewhere.